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In Person

Meeting in our comfy West Frisco TX lounge is a great way to connect.  Comfy seating in a calm environment will make you feel at ease.  Free Dr. Pepper, Diet Dr. Pepper and Ozarka water provided - Texas must-haves!

$35 / 50 minute chat

Children ages 8-18 do not require an adult to be present.  They can be dropped off or you can wait on site.

Phone Call

Sometimes you just want to call on the phone and not mess with Facetime, Zoom or anything like that.  

No problem.  We can chat on just a regular old phone call!

$35 / 50 minute call

This option also makes a great gift for the Elderly or Media-challenged Individual.


A lot of what we do nowadays is done virtually.


We offer multiple virtual options.  If your preferred platform is not listed, contact us to see if we can work it out!  

$35 / 50 minute chat

FB Messenger, Zoom, Skype, Google Duo. (Face Time not supported but Apple users can connect via Google Duo or FB Messenger).


Because life has it's ups and downs, you can't always know in advance when you're going to want to talk.  If you want to chat, but don't have an appointment, simply text us to see if we can become available to you at any hour 24/7.

$45 / 50 minute chat 9am-5pm 

$55 / 50 minute chat 5pm -9am.

Text:  214.886.2930

Gift Cards

Maybe you don't need to talk, but you know someone who does.  What a great gift you can give them!  We offer electronic gift cards.  And, we only request the certificate number when someone calls or visits.  That makes is super easy for the Elderly and non-tech savvy.

$40 / 50 minute call

Click here to purchase. 

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